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Contact Lenses

At your annual examination, the doctor might prescribe contact lenses, or you may come into our office as an established contact lens wearer. Either way, we are committed to educating you about the newest technology in contact lens design, and how it can benefit your particular visual system.

The process of evaluating your eyes and fitting contact lenses takes some time, and will require some further testing outside the scope of your routine exam findings. We will discuss your visual function and decide if contact lenses might serve your unique needs the best. A properly fitting lens will give you the best comfort while maximizing clarity. The Keratometer will be used to measure corneal curvature to ensure a properly fit lens. The tear layer of the eye will be assessed to find the best contact lens material match with your personal tear film quality and quantity, which will ensure maximum comfort potential during your wearing schedule. We may also order a corneal topography scan, which evaluates the entire shape of the corneal surface in preparation for an excellent fit. Corneal topography can be done in the office on the same day as your exam.

Currently, there are great options for contact lenses wearers. In the soft contact lens category, recent improvements have been made including overnight wear lenses, daily disposable lenses, multifocal lenses, and lenses to correct astigmatism. When fit properly, these lenses are more comfortable than ever.

Our doctors have always been proponents of better optics which offer enhanced vision, as well as increasing oxygen transmission through the lens surface which offers better ocular health. For this reason, we are successfully fitting many of our patients into a rigid gas permeable contact lens that offers excellence in optical clarity when compared to soft lenses or spectacle lenses. This is especially true with higher prescriptions and astigmatism. These lenses are far different from outdated “hard” lenses, in that the plastics we are using are so breathable that they are akin to not having any lens on the ocular surface at all. In fact, we now have FDA approval on a 30-day overnight wear rigid gas permeable lens that offers a great and safe low maintenance advantage. Our unique and patented edging and blending techniques (done in our in-office laboratory) minimize the break in period associated with rigid gas permeable lenses and gives us the ability to prescribe the clearest, healthiest, most comfortable fitting rigid gas permeable lenses available. Our contact lens laboratory also enables us to fit most patients with lenses in the same day, no back and forth ordering from out of town labs, ours is just steps away from your examination room.

Many patients may benefit from recent advances in hybrid contact lenses. This type of lens combines a rigid lens center which provides superior optics, with a surrounding soft lens “skirt”. Patients that are candidates for this type of contact lens get the best optics while maximizing initial and long term comfort in one lens.

Bifocal and Multifocal contact lenses have been benefitting many of our patients that have difficulty focusing on the fine print. These lenses are more accurate than ever, giving their wearers the ability to see near, far and intermediate distances. They are available in soft, rigid gas permeable and hybrid categories.

Patients presenting with degenerative corneal conditions like keratoconus require customized care. Using our in-office laboratory, visual acuity and comfort can be optimized for the Keratoconic patient.

Keratoconus Treatment

Are there any alternatives for correcting vision besides refractive surgery? What if we could non-surgically change corneal shape in a controlled manner while the patient sleeps, resulting in excellent visual acuity during waking hours without the use of glasses or daytime contact lenses? We can!

Corneal Reshaping

  • Thank you for your 15 years of fabulous service to my family and me! I love seeing all of you…Pam, Dr. R, Dr. L., Fred, etc. etc. (wonderful staff). You’re like family. Thanks again for your kindness!

    - Paty G.
  • I have 4 children and have been a patient of Dr. Rembleski for 7 years. I am extremely happy and completely trust Dr. Rembleski with the care of our family’s vision. Dr. Rembleski is interactive and patient making the kids …

    - Kristen S.
  • Several years ago, I was having great difficulty with my vision and subsequently met Dr. Buffington. I was diagnosed with astigmatism which has since progressed to Keratoconus. From my first visit and every visit since, Dr. Buffington’s commitment to excellence …

    - Jeff H.
  • My family and I have been with this office for over 25 years. My right eye has a growth which makes wearing contacts very challenging. Drs. Rembleski and Buffington were able to create custom lenses in the smallest diameter possible …

    - Vicki P.
  • I have worn glasses for years, but as my vision got worse in graduate school, I found I was no longer able to play active sports–like basketball, softball, or even running–without corrected vision. Before I came to this office I …

    - Rich M.
  • I’d been wearing contact lenses for twenty years when I started coming to River City Doctors of Optometry. I had always worn soft lenses, so I was a bit apprehensive when Dr. Rembleski advised a switch to rigid gas permeable …

    - Amy M.