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Keratoconus Treatment

Our doctors share a common passion within the field of optometry. This passion involves helping an often underserved population of patients with progressive corneal degenerations including keratoconus, keratoglobus and pellucid marginal degeneration. This also includes corneal irregularities due to an unfortunate trauma, or surgically induced by corneal transplantation or refractive surgery.


The Problem

Since corneal irregularity distorts the image getting to the retina, it becomes essential to use specific rigid surface contact lenses to smooth over the affected area and provide an ideal refractive surface to maximize retinal image quality. A well-fit rigid gas permeable contact lens (RGP) provides the best vision for patients with corneal distortion, far better than spectacles or soft contact lenses. Although simple in theory, the practice of fitting an RGP on a diseased or surgically altered cornea can be daunting, taking years of experience to master, expansive knowledge about RGP design, and the ability to customize a lens to fit a unique cornea. If you have keratoconus, you may have experienced the frustration of “the fitting process”: going into the doctors office after a lens has been ordered for you, only to find that it doesn’t fit right or the vision is off, necessitating yet another order from an outside lab which takes another two weeks…and the process continues.


The Solution lies in our Advantage

In our quest to provide excellent service and results, we have a contact lens laboratory on the premises that eliminates much of this back and forth. With the ability to take a rigid lens and modify it right down the hall from your exam room, wait times are shorter, vision is made sharper, and comfort is enhanced in a more efficient way.  Our doctors start with a corneal topography scan done in the office, which will guide us to the perfect lens design.

During your examination, your doctor will help you decide your optimal treatment by keeping you abreast of all advances that may benefit the keratoconic eye, and help you track your individual progression by using topography (corneal mapping) and pachymetry (corneal thickness).

Much to the credit of our in-office laboratory, we are able to successfully service patients from out of state and out of country. If you are from out of town, our receptionists would love to have a phone conversation about how we can help you.



Patients presenting with degenerative corneal conditions like keratoconus require customized care. Using our in-office laboratory, visual acuity and comfort can be optimized for the Keratoconic patient.

Keratoconus Treatment

Are there any alternatives for correcting vision besides refractive surgery? What if we could non-surgically change corneal shape in a controlled manner while the patient sleeps, resulting in excellent visual acuity during waking hours without the use of glasses or daytime contact lenses? We can!

Corneal Reshaping

  • Thank you for your 15 years of fabulous service to my family and me! I love seeing all of you…Pam, Dr. R, Dr. L., Fred, etc. etc. (wonderful staff). You’re like family. Thanks again for your kindness!

    - Paty G.
  • I have 4 children and have been a patient of Dr. Rembleski for 7 years. I am extremely happy and completely trust Dr. Rembleski with the care of our family’s vision. Dr. Rembleski is interactive and patient making the kids …

    - Kristen S.
  • Several years ago, I was having great difficulty with my vision and subsequently met Dr. Buffington. I was diagnosed with astigmatism which has since progressed to Keratoconus. From my first visit and every visit since, Dr. Buffington’s commitment to excellence …

    - Jeff H.
  • My family and I have been with this office for over 25 years. My right eye has a growth which makes wearing contacts very challenging. Drs. Rembleski and Buffington were able to create custom lenses in the smallest diameter possible …

    - Vicki P.
  • I have worn glasses for years, but as my vision got worse in graduate school, I found I was no longer able to play active sports–like basketball, softball, or even running–without corrected vision. Before I came to this office I …

    - Rich M.
  • I’d been wearing contact lenses for twenty years when I started coming to River City Doctors of Optometry. I had always worn soft lenses, so I was a bit apprehensive when Dr. Rembleski advised a switch to rigid gas permeable …

    - Amy M.